Mastering Marketing Creativity


Our big idea:
Empowering contemporary marketing leaders to drive progress & performance through creativity.

Why now?

In a world of growing complexity, creative leadership and creative ideas are powerful forces in shaping a sustainable future for all of us. In the business of brands and marketing, creativity drives growth, performance and change. However, most organizations and teams aren’t designed and equipped to unlock the power of creativity. Their challenge is how they can successfully lead creative teams, creative culture, creative decisions, creative investments and creative processes. On top, in the context of the fast-changing cultural, media, business and technology landscape, marketing has become a non-stop balancing act: How do you effectively lead the short and long term, internal and external partners, communications and innovations, old channels and new platforms, outside culture and inside politics, strategy and agility, purpose and ROI, all at the same time?

Mastering Marketing Creativity© will help you navigate this complex environment. Together with peers, masters and coaches you will accelerate your creative leadership capabilities and maximize the creative effectiveness of your marketing resources: time, people, money, energy and creativity. Together we will grow the brands and teams that create positive impact for business and society.

Accelerate Your Creative Performance & Marketing ROI

What you’ll get


Learn and grow the creative leadership capabilities needed to maximize creativity and performance in the marketing ecosystem and the creative process.


Become part of an exclusive network of creative leaders – peers, coaches, experts and masters – to learn from the best.


Get access to the marketing creativity library with 100+ resources featuring insights from e.g. IDEO, Pixar, Nike and Patagonia.


Start using cutting-edge creative leadership tools and creative problem-solving methods with your teams.

Who is this program for?

  • Marketing managers, in a senior and decision-making position, with minimum 10 years experience
  • Responsible for strategy, brand, communications, digital, innovations, product, media, creative, design and/or other marketing disciplines
  • Driven by the ambition to generate business and societal impact and the curiosity to learn and grow
  • Diverse group – mix of backgrounds, disciplines, company types and industries – and maximum 40 participants
  • 10 Modules
  • 7 Sessions
  • 60% Live, 40% Online
  • Playful & Interactive
  • English


The program is a combination of learning and doing, both at a personal/team level and a brand/marketing level. In 7 sessions, you will participate in 10 modules with specific goals and themes. In each module you will solve your creative marketing challenges, grow creative leadership capabilities and practice creative leadership tools. The goal is to maximize creativity and effectiveness in the marketing ecosystem (4 modules) and the creative process (4 modules). In each module, you will spend approx. 30 minutes on, 60 minutes with the masters, 90 minutes with your peers in small teams and 60 minutes plenary with the coaches and class. The total program is 40 hours combined (5 working days).

  • Module 1 Mastery – Growing Creative Leadership

    Mapping your challenges and goals
    Becoming self aware and connected to others
    Defining your passion and purpose

  • Module 2 Culture + Society

    How do you ‘sense’ creative opportunities in culture and society?
    Tools: Observation Safari, 4D Mapping

  • Module 3 Media + Technology

    How do you forecast, leverage and integrate opportunities in media & technology?
    Tool: Three Horizons

  • Module 4 Finance + Politics

    How do you show the value of creativity in a non-creative environment?
    Tool: Stakeholder Mapping

  • Module 5 In-house + Agencies

    How do you get the best out of your creative teams and partnerships?
    Tool: Psychological Safety

  • Module 6 Vision & Purpose

    How do you envision, articulate and live the true purpose of your brand?
    Tool: Storytelling

  • Module 7 Insights + Strategy

    How do you embrace chaos and create simplicity?
    Tool: Creative Question

  • Module 8 Ideas + Innovations

    How do you create and grow bold and brave ideas for campaigns, products and services?
    Tool: Reframing

  • Module 9 Direction + Production

    How do you lead for creative excellence as the creative director of your brand and marketing?
    Tool: Creative Ladder

  • Module 10 Mastery – Accelerating Marketing Creativity

    Implementing the learnings and tools of the program to drive your marketing, brand and team towards creative impact


You will be inspired, challenged and coached by our team of creative leadership experts and creative marketing masters.


  • Dinesh Sonak


  • Quirine Dob


  • Rod Ben Zeev


  • Franklin de Bekker




  • “Ultimately, creativity is the only business model.”


    Mark van Iterson

    Director Global Heineken Design, Activation & Sustainability, The Heineken Company

  • “ADCN Academy training programs have been extremely valuable for me, my team and our agencies. The sessions give energy and inspiration, show the power of creative excellence, push for breaking boundaries and inspire to make the best work.”


    Yvette Belt-Beekman

    VP Brand, Marketing Communications & Sponsorships, KPN

  • “Marketers and their brands operate in a highly competitive environment. Creativity fuels big ideas and opens the door to new business opportunities. This unique program empowers you to leverage the power of creativity in your business.”


    Rik Ledder


  • “Mastering Marketing Creativity is perfect for anyone who wants to continue to grow, get inspired and break with standard conventions. I enjoyed the mix between practical tools, philosophical challenges and creative solutions. It really helps you to look at things from a lot of different angles that will help you become more effective in the future.”


    Nienke Dettmeijer

    Global Strategy Lead, Spotify

  • “Creativity is more important than ever. With this program, you unlock your power of creativity. Learning from the trainers, masters and your peers is a very powerful combination. The sessions inspire and give you practical tools. This will bring you renewed enthusiasm and energy.”


    Nikita Lensink

    Global Lead Brand & Campaigns, Just Eat Takeaway

  • “I recommend the Mastering Marketing Creativity program to life-long learners looking to up their creative-thinking game or for those needing a refresher in their marketing prowess. I applied each module directly to my day-to-day challenges, the networking with like-minded marketeers is priceless, the trainers are A-level and the Masters sharing their experience are from the best global brands and agencies. It’s a worthy investment in my personal and professional growth. May the student in you live forever!”


    Jason Steere

    Managing Director, Brand & Experience, The Student Hotel

  • “I got new insights, tools, inspiration and even friends! That’s why I highly recommend Mastering Marketing Creativity. It’s essential to stay open to the ever-changing world we’re living and working in. Connecting with like-minded marketing and creative professionals and discuss the role we play and how we play it in our companies and society gives more guidance and hopefully more fun. So dive into the mastering marketing creativity class. You won’t regret it.”


    Marijke Smallegange

    Head of Digital Marketing, Communications & Commerce, Rijksmuseum


The community of previous participants includes creative marketing leaders from:

Dates and deadlines

  • Class 4
  • Application Deadline: Friday 20 January 2023
  • Session 1 - Module 1 & 2: Friday 3 February 2023 (09.00-18.00h) - Studio Thonik, Amsterdam
  • Session 2 – Module 3: Thursday 9 February 2023 (13.30-17.30h) – Zoom
  • Session 3 – Module 4: Thursday 16 February 2023 (13.30-17.30h) – Zoom
  • Session 4 – Module 5 & 6: Friday 10 March 2023 (09.00-18.00h) – The Social Hub, Amsterdam
  • Session 5 – Module 7: Thursday 16 March 2023 (13.30-17.30h) – Zoom
  • Session 6 – Module 8: Thursday 23 March 2023 (13.30-17.30h) – Zoom
  • Session 7 – Module 9 & 10: Friday 31 March 2023 (09.00-18.00h) – FC Hyena & Hotel de Goudfazant, Amsterdam
  • The contents of modules can be subject to small changes.
    We will serve light breakfast, lunch, bites and drinks during the live sessions.

Program Fee

Early Bird Fee: € 3.699 (excl. VAT)
Available until 23 December 2022

Regular fee: € 3.999 (excl. VAT)

The fee includes:

  • All 10 program modules
  • One bonus session
  • Educational materials and content
  • Food & beverage
  • Participation by your inhouse/agency partner in 1 module
  • ADCN Academy Certificate (upon completion of min. 80% of the modules)

  • Payment must be completed before the start of the program – via credit card or a bank transfer.



Mastering Marketing Creativity© is a creative leadership journey and marketing creativity accelerator for the most curious marketers and most ambitious brands. We carefully curate the participants to create a diverse Class with experienced and emerging marketing leaders from different backgrounds, disciplines, industries and organizations. Please apply or contact us to find out if you qualify for the program.

Can you commit to attending at least 8 of the 10 modules?
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